The 4 Types of Mens Streetwear: Understanding the Diversity of Urban Fashion

The 4 Types of Mens Streetwear: Understanding the Diversity of Urban Fashion

Streetwear is more than just clothing; it's a cultural statement that reflects the essence of urban streets. The fashion movement has evolved into a diverse landscape, comprising various styles. Let's delve into the primary types and explore some commonly asked questions about men's streetwear while highlighting Narkha and its unique offerings.

How many types of Mens streetwear are there?

There are primarily four recognized types of streetwear:

  1. Original Streetwear: Born from urban communities, it features unique designs, bold graphics, and expressive art.
  2. Sportswear-Inspired Streetwear: Inspired by athletic apparel, this style integrates hoodies, sneakers, and tracksuits.
  3. Adopted Streetwear: Incorporates diverse cultural influences from various subcultures, such as punk, hip-hop, or skateboarding scenes.
  4. Luxury Streetwear: Fuses high-end fashion with streetwear elements, characterised by premium materials and intricate designs.

What are the different types of street clothes?

Streetwear encompasses various clothing styles, including but not limited to:

Men’s oversized T-shirts and women oversized t-shirts



Track pants


Baseball caps

Denim wear

Distinctive accessories like chains, belts, and bags

What genre is streetwear?

Streetwear is often considered a genre within the fashion world. It's characterized by its casual, comfortable, and often edgy styles, reflecting the cultural influences of urban communities and various subcultures. It's not just about the clothes but also the lifestyle and attitude they represent.

Is streetwear an aesthetic?

Indeed, streetwear is an aesthetic. It's a fashion style that emphasizes comfort, self-expression, and often a rebellious or non-conformist attitude. The aesthetic often revolves around a casual yet bold look, emphasising individuality and personal expression through clothing.

Understanding the diverse types of streetwear showcases the richness within the fashion world. Each type caters to different preferences and styles, contributing to the ever-evolving streetwear landscape. Whether it's the rebellious originality, the comfort of sportswear, the diverse influences of adopted styles, or the luxurious take on street culture, Narkha specializes in offering exclusive, high-quality men oversized t-shirts and women's oversized t-shirts for their unique street-inspired fashion.

In conclusion, 

The world of streetwear offers a myriad of choices, each representing a distinct aspect of urban culture. Narkha stands at the intersection of high-quality fashion and limited availability, providing a unique avenue for individuals to express their style through exclusive, oversized t-shirts.

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