Tuesdays For Tam


Who are we?

Tuesdays for Tam is an environment-based organization that attempts to heal the planet one challenge at a time. The entire organization is a tribute to our friend Tamara Nikita Bell, who was a Fridays for Future protestor and social activist. She passed away unexpectedly in October of 2019 and this organization was launched on 4th February, 2020, on her birthday.

Why are we fundraising?

As we all know, the COVID cases in India are skyrocketing and we are lacking the resources to fight this battle. All the contributions made to this fundraiser will be used to provide food and oxygen to those in need.



How can you make a difference?

Now more than ever, India needs our help. Your small donation can save a person’s life. No amount is too little. In Tamara’s words, “Every drop of action leads to an ocean of change.”
Let’s come together and make a difference!

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