How we started a company during a pandemic

[Inspirational music plays]

20th February 2020, a day inscribed in the depths of our soul.

It's the oldest story in the world, it was just another day with another boring lecture going on in class, ashu and me were sitting on the last bench and were on the verge of another beautiful sleep when a very random thought struck on how nobody makes t-shirts and merchandise for something we as a generation stand for and what makes us feel 'alive'.
We left the thought be.

A few days later ashu comes to me and tells me on how he and his mom were speaking about their hometown in uttar pradesh and were nostalgic about it and told me about this specific word that stands for 'cloths', minimal and simple and beyond that is what is stands for to never forget your roots as it's what makes you stand out and with that 'Narkha' was born.

It all started with a dream that one day we could bring our vision into this world and had just began designing when the historic pandemic struck with the mighty old coronavirus which shattered our hopes and broke our hearts into a million pieces as the earlier vision was now a lifetime away and we just continued onto our daily lives like it was nothing.

In history, everytime there is a phase of great pain and trauma, It has always been followed by a phase of great human innovation and way to a better world and we believed in this and were willing to fight it.

Well with all the values we learnt from our day to day lives, from diving out of our comfort zone to make ends meet and build this brand from scratch during a f**king PANDEMIC, we knew we had nothing to loose and worked our asses of as we knew a new world was being built.

After 157 days,
628 hours,
729 ideas,
877 designs,
1000+ calls later,

We present to you the freshest clothing line to give you comfort in your own skin, to live every moment and do what you truly want to because right now we stand at the cusp of history as this is beyond intellect, it's really about the soul.

P.s- I think we're the first brand in history to startup while wearing boxers and the scary part is beating the pandemic was just our warmup.